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Translation services are at the heart of what LinguaLinx does. We leverage the resources of more than 5,000 native-speaking linguists, worldwide locations, targeted messaging and a multicultural brand approach.

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Website Localization

In order to expand your market of potential customers it’s essential to have a website that is built and translated to reach international audiences. If you are looking to take your online presence global, let LinguaLinx guide you through the process from, concept to launch and beyond.


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Our interpretation service provide you with the translations you need using the methodology that makes the most sense for your project. Whether you need Consecutive, Simultaneous or On Demand interpretation we can provide it for you. We also have professionals dedicated to Sign Language interpretations. Not sure which kind of interpretation is the right fit? We can help with that too. Get in touch and we’ll talk with you about your goals and which one of our translation services will help you accomplish them.

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Multilingual Copywriting

The success of a marketing translation project depends on the effective preservation and adaptation of a company’s brand voice and marketing message. This may require specific alterations based on target markets and the cultural characteristics of varying regions and their native speakers. Trust LinguaLinx to help you make your message effective in any language.


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Transcription needs vary from simple written copy of business proceedings to more complex focus groups and medical records. LinguaLinx provides a full range of transcription services. With a dedicated team of project managers who are well-versed in transcription needs and working within the parameters of even the most demanding deadlines, LinguaLinx is able to deliver complete and accurate transcriptions of even the most complex and time sensitive projects.


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Audio & Video

In this digital age, the need for multilingual audio and visual media is paramount to being competitive. LinguaLinx provides voice-over services for multilingual audio/visual productions. In addition, we provide support and assistance with all aspects of the production and development, as well as subtitle engineering, of culturally appropriate multimedia presentations. At LinguaLinx we have the resources and skills to translate any form of digital media to make them accessible to an international audience.


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Business and Corporate Translation Services

Lingualinx provides quality translations that truly impact growth and operations. With worldwide audiences and international offices, multilingual documents and digital content are an essential part of modern business. We can help you clients attract new customers and improve internal communication with the accurate and effective translations you need.  Our focus is on combining expertise, accuracy and efficiency to make sure your job is done quickly without sacrificing clarity and authenticity.

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Lingualinx is a professional translation services company. We provide technology, content and document translations for businesses around the world. Our multilingual translators are experts in their chosen language and these certified professionals are capable of translating not only your text, but the intent behind your message.

The nuances of various languages can create unique challenges in global translations. It takes a trained expert to fully understand subtlety, nuance and tone. The international specialists translating for our clients have that ability.

In a market where we are all connected online, you have customers around the world waiting for your products and services. Our translators can work from documentation or phone consultations to provide you with fast and accurate service. No matter what industry your business is in, let our official translation agency help you expand your company around the world.

Not all translation companies are created equal, but at Lingualinx our speed, quality and commitment to excellence is unparalleled.

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