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Our translation expertise runs deep. We’re a trusted, go-to partner for the world’s leading companies, institutions and governments. We have a proven track record with over 200 languages across countless business categories and industries.

Translation is at the heart of what we do

Our certified, multilingual translators are native-speaking, subject-matter experts. They will quickly and effectively communicate not just the meaning of your source-language content—but also the intent behind your message—with resonance and clarity.

Day in, day out, our customers get the highest quality translation services on time, on budget and with customer service and accuracy that have become the envy of our industry.

Key Translation Service Offerings


Transcription is the process by which live or recorded speech is transformed into written or electronic text.

Whether we’re converting a live speech or a recorded oral session, LinguaLinx transcription services ensure speed, accuracy and versatility of applications for the finished product. 

Not all transcription companies have equivalent expertise and versatility, but LinguaLinx is able to work with a wide variety of formats including standard audio cassettes, DVDs and web-based files to meet our clients’ diverse format needs. We can even send individuals to be on site for events, meetings, lectures or other live sessions that need to be captured and transcribed to be used in alternate formats to support your business.


Creating effective marketing copy is an art in any language. Adapting that copy into other languages in a manner that retains the intent of the original is even more complex.

Traditional translations may fall short of capturing tone and context, so conveying the authentic meaning of a marketing message often requires specialized transcreation and multilingual translation services.

At LinguaLinx, our multilingual copywriting and transcreation services make sure that adapted copy is as effective as the source.

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