Technical Services

We can help you create, manage and repurpose content from a single source. Write content once and publish it everywhere by centralizing it for reuse. Minimize localization costs and increase productivity. Above all, create more consistent communications.

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Content Management


Our team can lead you through the process of CMS selection, strategic planning, deployment and training as well as address issues that might arise within a multilingual environment.

  • Multilingual Websites
  • Intranets
  • Knowledge Management Portals
  • Client Extranets
  • Membership Websites
  • Online Communities and Social Networking
  • Brand Marketing Microsites 


  • Needs Assessment & Planning
  • CMS Vendor Evaluation
  • Information Architecture
  • Workflow and Process Development


  • Software Integration
  • Usability & Functionality Testing

Globalization Workflow

Maintaining continuously evolving content can be a difficult task, let alone the same process in multiple languages. Content Management Systems (CMS) assist with managing the creation, editing and deployment of content. However, most do not fully satisfy the unique workflow processes for translation and multilingual deployment.

Globalization Management Systems (GMS) evolved to help meet this need and interface with a CMS to help maintain robust multilingual content. These technologies can detect content needing translation and route it to the appropriate translation company, making them globalization platforms for any enterprise-wide content.

A GMS can be expensive and complex and often require CMS interfacing, customized API development, training, workflow authoring, etc. With years of experience dealing with diverse CMS and GMS solutions on a variety of platforms, our goal is to provide the most appropriate solution for your content lifecycle needs regardless of vendor or current technologies. Our recommendations are based upon objective needs analysis, customized workflow development and an intimate understanding of the entire multilingual content lifecycle.

Structured Authoring

Structured authoring improves information management by creating consistent content structure. Our consultants will help you create, manage and re-purpose content while enabling single-source publishing, minimize translation and maintenance costs, increase process efficiencies including author productivity and reduce errors. Through planning, design, content development and integration, we will provide you with a seamless process from authoring through publication.

Regardless of the current processes and technologies you have in place, GlobalScript™Content Consultants will help you create modular, reusable content, author appropriate workflows and guide you through the process of implementing a structured XML-based authoring environment that will enable content reuse and multiplatform publishing.

Customized Development

In today’s competitive global environment, where change is constant, there may be multiple benefits to building software to improve existing business processes rather than adapting the processes themselves to work with off-the-shelf applications. This is especially the case when adding a multilingual component to your current operation.

Language technology has evolved considerably over the past few years and is a necessary component to fully realizing the efficiency and cost-reduction of multilingual adaptation and publishing. With expert development architects, project managers, programmers and developers worldwide, we deliver quick, flexible and secure solutions to your individualized business needs. From content management system integration to customized API development, our solutions minimize risk and reduce reliance upon pre-packaged offerings, allowing us to work together seamlessly in creating and publishing your multilingual content.

Multiplatform Publishing

A large number of our engagements involve implementing enterprise content reuse strategies. GlobalScript™ can help you assess your current authoring and publishing processes and make recommendations to leverage centralized content in order to publish simultaneously to a variety of channels including the web, PDF and traditional print.

Executing a multichannel approach allows you to reach audiences in their preferred environment in today’s world of diverse media distribution. This approach enhances efforts to expand your brand into a multichannel, relational platform enabling you to make multiple contacts with an increasingly diverse audience. Furthermore, multiplatform publishing creates greater opportunity for communication and information dissemination while reducing internal workloads and costs associated with coordinating multiple publishing efforts.

Translation Proxy


  • Eliminates tedious and time-consuming developer work
  • Fast page loads for international visitors
  • 95% SLA (far exceeds industry average)
  • Security – runs on the same secure platform as Google services
  • Scalable infrastructure withstands traffic spikes
  • Automatically detects new content and updates the translation (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a translation proxy?

A translation proxy is a server that is called into action when an international visitor looks at your website. It sends a request to your server for the source page and displays the results. However, it acts like a filter that replaces your source words with a translation in the requested language.  

Why would I want a translation proxy?

  • The proxy allows a visitor to retrieve your page in any supported language but does not require creation or maintenance of separate page files for each language.
  • It automatically crawls your website to extract words for translation. You do not have to export your content or import the translations.
  • Your developers only need to make changes and updates to your original source files. The proxy will automatically reflect the changes in all other languages if you authorize it.
  • International visitors get faster page loads because our global network of proxy servers ensures close location to the user.

Do I have to use a translation proxy if I want you to translate my website?

  • You can also choose to export your files for translation and import the deliverables back into any page format. 

Is a translation proxy secure? Are we handing over control of our site to you?

  • The proxy is secure and reliable. It runs on the same platform as Google services. You are not handing over control of your site to LinguaLinx. The reason is that all page files dwell exclusively on your server. Every time the proxy is used, it sends a request for the page to your server. The proxy does not store or save any of your information. It only contains the approved translations for each language, which are substituted into the content you serve.

What effect does a translation proxy have on SEO?

  • It does not afford Search Engine Optimization advantages. SEO must be managed as a separate activity.

Once I start using a translation proxy, is it hard to switch back to a different method?

  • If at any time you decide to stop working with translation proxy technology (or with LinguaLinx), we will export the translated content and provide it to you.

Desktop Publishing Services

We like to shorten Desktop Publishing to DTP, but by doing that we are not shortening our quality! DTP is very important for producing print-ready or online materials that are fully localized for your target market. This includes layout, images and typography. Before you go to press or publish your content online, it is important to make sure your content reads the same, no matter the language!

What is included in Desktop Publishing?

Our multilingual DTP team works in any and all file types (Mac and PC compatible) including, but certainly not limited to: Adobe Creative Suite, Articulate, Captivate, Flash, FrameMaker, InDesign, Illustrator, Lectora, Photoshop and QuarkXpress. We work on the layout and formatting of localized materials to make sure they match the source while also incorporating standards of the target language.

The Advantages of LinguaLinx Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services:

  • The right-to-left format of languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu can present challenges for graphic applications such as design, editing, layout and formatting. LinguaLinx DTP professionals have specific experience working with these fonts and designs.
  • Desktop publishing services such as graphic design and editing, document layout and typesetting can be particularly challenging with character languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.). LinguaLinx specialists have worked with these languages and are familiar with their unique considerations regarding graphics, layout and font compatibility.
  • Documents translated from English into romance languages such as Spanish or French typically expand. LinguaLinx DTP professionals are experienced in dealing with text expansion and can work with you on font sizing and spacing to make sure text follows your style guidelines and fits within the layout.
  • The LinguaLinx team performs thorough quality assurance (QA) of all of your design files. This includes value added services such as post layout review (PLR) where a linguist checks over the final layout to make sure text is in the proper place and fits the layout.
  • We also use cultural consulting to make sure the proper choices were made for images, graphics, colors and symbols.

Advancements in technology have allowed us to connect around the world as an international business community in unprecedented ways. From CMS selection to authoring and publishing, technical content localization is a specific science. Developing multilingual websites and adapting the content on those sites demands the technical translation service skills of dedicated professionals.  Technology localization cannot be an afterthought, it must be at the forefront of all expansion plans and any ambitions of reaching a global market. Effective technical translation services, provided by the certified technical translators at Lingualinx, is the only way to ensure your technology is the right platform to successfully launch your international initiatives.

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