Global Marketing Services

Marketing translation services are an art that blends an understanding of linguistics with the skill for creating compelling copy. Executing translations for marketing purposes requires combining cultural colloquialisms with the principles of advertising for translations that truly speak to your business and your target customers. LinguaLinx will successfully translate your marketing materials to bring your unique message to an international audience.

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Cultural Consulting

A California microbrewery expanding to international markets wanted to make sure that its fun and creative marketing slogans did not lose their meaning. Our cultural consultants provided custom writing and design solutions so their marketing materials were just as appealing in different global markets. Success in global marketing takes more than just exemplary translations. Customizing your approach for your target audience helps create brand loyalty and recognition.

Technology Solutions

A startup company is working on a complex international project to store data through apps and websites. They came to LinguaLinx for help. We are assisting with website development, marketing materials, and cultural consulting on market acceptance. We are also providing strategic advice on where and why to move forward. Read more about our technical services.

Content Creation

Are you in the market for creative new content? Our talented writers can create unique, creative, SEO-friendly copy in any language. Whether you are looking for descriptive text for a new website launch or text for a movie trailer, our linguists are up to the task. Our goal is to “transcreate” copy so that it reads as though it was originally written in the target language. Learn more about multilingual copywriting.

Video Localization & Subtitling

Videos can be a very engaging way to reach potential customers. In a digital age, the need for multilingual audio and visual media is important to being competitive. One multinational client wanted their informational videos on their history and quality standards to reach new global markets. We worked with them on subtitle engineering. We also provide voice-over production and transcription solutions.

Design & Layout

It is important to make sure your documents look their best – in all target languages. Let us handle the tricky multilingual issues with fonts, graphic design, and layout. We have over a decade of experience making sure your documents maintain brand integrity complete with culturally relevant content, layout, and graphics whether it is a marketing flyer, a large electronics catalog, a brochure, or other product literature.

Website Localization

Today’s global environment demands a multilingual component to any online presence.  Having a localized website is absolutely necessary to communicate with international audiences and compete in the global business arena. We have a lot to say about localizing your online presence. Take a look at one of our published articles as well as more information on our website localization services.