Meet Our Team

At LinguaLinx, we are about more than just translation. We are a team. This starts with our leadership. Allow us to introduce ourselves...

David Smith


David Smith has worked in the language industry for nearly two decades in both the US and Europe. We like to say that he has forgotten more about languages than most people know! A published translator, David holds an MA in Russian Language and Literature and an MA in Russian Translation, both from the State University of New York at Albany. He operated a Russian translation company from 1991-1995 and served in Moscow as the Director of the State University of New York at Albany’s exchange program from 1995–1996 where he also held a position on the faculty of foreign languages at Moscow State University. He has held senior account executive, director of business development, and translation sales representative roles at three Manhattan-based agencies before founding LinguaLinx in 2002, all while perfecting his golf swing!