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Spanish Translation

As one of the world’s most popular and diverse languages, our Spanish translation services are among the most requested options we offer.

A Few Facts about the Spanish Language:

  • In a ranking of international languages, Spanish falls behind Mandarin and ahead of English in terms of popularity.
  • Spanish is one of the official languages of the European Union.
  • The United States recently became the number two Spanish-speaking population in the world, second only to Mexico.
  • Other Spanish speaking regions include Spain, Latin America, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Altogether, there are more than 20 countries worldwide where it is considered a prevalent language.
  • Spanish is one of the top ten languages for world Internet usage.

The global pervasiveness of this language has created commercial markets around the world that demand content in Spanish. For US based countries, English to Spanish translation services can help broaden your customer base exponentially.

However, with so many different regional dialects and country specific translations, one of the keys for successful and accurate translations is an understanding of the different Spanish dialects and regional nuances. This depends heavily upon your target market.

Hiring professional interpreters can make the difference between effective copy and a failed attempt at localization.

The Advantages of LinguaLinx Translation Services:

  • We carefully guide you to the proper dialect and terminology for your audience with every project. This allows us to select the most appropriate translations to prevent your message from being misunderstood or targeted to the wrong population.
  • Our professional translators are highly experienced in interpreting and translating English to Spanish or Spanish to English in all formats.
  • We can easily translate print, audio, video and digital materials from all industries and subject areas into any Spanish dialect.

Whether it is Spanish for Spain, Latin America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico or the United States, LinguaLinx has resources to meet your needs.

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