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Chinese Translation

Chinese is one of the most important languages for choosing a professional Chinese translator to localize your communications. It is commonly estimated that having your website available in English, Chinese and Spanish gives you access to nearly half of the world’s online users. Considering that fact, it is simply good business for US based companies to translate English to Chinese in order to make their content available to as many users as possible.

A Few Facts about the Chinese Language:

  • Localizing your website for a Chinese audience allows you to reach over 700 million people.
  • There are two written primary dialects for Chinese translation: simplified and traditional.
  • Simplified and Traditional are the written forms of the language and are the main focus of Chinese translation services centered on text based content.
  • In the 1950’s the Chinese government started to simplify written Chinese characters that were deemed overly complicated. They believed this would increase literary rates which in turn would improve socio-economic conditions.
  • While China has adopted Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese is far more commonly used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Since most of the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan were taught the traditional characters, many can’t fully understand printed materials and websites written in the Simplified Chinese of China.
  • Mandarin and Cantonese, are both spoken dialects. Mandarin is more prevalent in China, an important distinction for the interpretation and document translation vs the translation of audio and video projects.

The Advantages of LinguaLinx Translation Services:

  • While Simplified Chinese is easier to write and it is easier to translate Chinese characters in this dialect, some issues still exist. That is why we carefully determine your intended target market and audience when discussing the best way of translating Chinese with our clients.
  • LinguaLinx will help you determine whether traditional or simplified Chinese translations are best for your project. 
  • We have over 700 experienced translators who reside in Chinese speaking regions, who are ready to execute your project. 
  • As one of our top requested languages, we have an extensive track record of successful translations. If the goal is Chinese to English translations, we can do that too.

From Chinese marketing translation to website content adaptations, we have the skills and the experts to translate any project with accuracy.

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