With an entire division dedicated to interpretation, LinguaLinx draws upon a diverse pool of experienced interpreters who possess the expertise needed to accurately convey nuance of meaning from one language to another. Our rigorous interpreter selection process considers the subject-matter of the original material, the target audience and market, geographic location as well as the venue.


During consecutive interpretation, a speaker pauses after completing an idea and the interpreter proceeds to translate what was said. At LinguaLinx, our consecutive translation services use interpreters that are highly-trained consecutive interpreting professionals. Our experts are capable of interpreting in both directions while maintaining intonation, style and tone of the speaker. LinguaLinx provides skilled consecutive interpreting services for meetings, depositions and various other business, medical and legal events.


Our simultaneous interpretation services involve interpreting into the target language at the same time the source language is spoken. Our skilled simultaneous translation professionals possess relevant training in the art and science of simultaneous interpretation and are capable of preserving speaker intonation, style and inflection. LinguaLinx can provide the necessary equipment to support our simultaneous interpretation service based on the number of participants, the location and duration of the event. Though we will need to collaborate closely for this kind of translation because the layout of the venue, the number of languages being interpreted and any additional needs such as post-presentation question and answer sessions, may also play a role.

On Demand

LinguaLinx provides over-the-phone translation services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in over 100 languages. Unlike other options, our telephone interpreting service does NOT require equipment to lease, predictability requirements to satisfy, set-up fees, monthly minimums or maintenance charges.

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