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Our teams of linguists, cultural consultants and technology experts will bring a wealth of industry knowledge to your project. Here are just a few examples of industries we serve.


Software localization means adapting a software product for a target market while making sure cultural, linguistic, and technical requirements are all met.

Allow us to help you with that.  

Our IT and development staff have experience with development and software localization as well as the tools to assist with localization.

Depending on your current programming methods, some of the initial questions/concerns we address in conjunction with your development staff include:

  • How are the resource and complier scripts structured?
  • Is the software developed using standard programming code or do you introduce proprietary code?
  • Is all text embedded or does code reference external strings?

We will work with you on the translation and adaptation of the software or web product itself and all related product documentation.

Additional Services:

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