We Serve All Industries

Our teams of linguists, cultural consultants and technology experts will bring a wealth of industry knowledge to your project. Here are just a few examples of industries we serve.

Government & Non-Profit

Federal, state and local agencies choose LinguaLinx as their preferred language service provider. 

Since its inception, LinguaLinx has been providing state and local governments as well as non-profit organizations with high-quality multilingual solutions ranging from on-demand phone interpretation for 911 call centers to providing translation for health and human services, education, election, finance and administrative agencies.

We are familiar with all aspects of government procurement processes, language access requirements under Title VI and maintaining compliance with regulations such as Section 508.

LinguaLinx’s GSA Schedule Contract Number GS-10F-092CA is valid through May 17, 2020 with exercise options through May of 2035.

Additional Services:

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