We Serve All Industries

Our teams of linguists, cultural consultants and technology experts will bring a wealth of industry knowledge to your project. Here are just a few examples of industries we serve.

Banking and Finance

LinguaLinx finance translations help banking and financial institutions build partnerships worldwide.

When dealing with accounts and monetary transactions, there is no room for miscommunication. In an increasingly global economy, translating financial documents is essential for international commerce. With a sprawling network of native translators, LinguaLinx has the expertise to interpret and translate a multitude of documents for banking and business purposes. As economic interactions transcend borders, our communications must transcend language barriers. That’s where LinguaLinx comes in.

Your Financial Translation Needs May Include:

Contracts & Agreements

Investment Reports

Disclosure Agreements

Annual or Bi-Annual Reports

Balance Sheets & Income Statements

Prospectuses & RFPs

Tax & Shareholder Reports

Investor or Shareholder Information

Our Finance Translation Solutions:

Professional Documentation Translation

Software & Video Translation

eLearning Modules

Website Localization

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)


Transcreation & Multilingual Copywriting

From contracts to digital media, LinguaLinx has the skilled staff to provide you with expedient and accurate translations for all of your financial needs.

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