Why You Can’t Afford Cheap Translation Services

If you go looking for something, you’ll probably find it. And following that age-old maxim, if you or your company need translation support, be careful what you google. If you search for cheap translation services, chances are that’s what you’ll find. You don’t really want a cheap translation, just like you don’t want a cheap […]


What Do We Mean By Professional Studio Voice Over Narration?

“In a world…” When you think voiceover, a lot of times you think of that praise uttered by the late Don LaFontaine who recorded countless film and video games trailers, television advertisements, and network promotions. At LinguaLinx, voiceover narration in any language is a service that we offer for our clients for any industry. But […]


3 Reasons Why Your Translation Firm Wants You to Know the Difference Between Interpreting and Translation

People who work with languages often have to explain to non-professionals the differences between interpreting and translation. Here are three reasons why your translation firm (and translation firms in general) would like you to be aware of the distinctions that exist between translation and interpreting. 1. Basic Definitions To start out with, let’s look at […]


LinguaLinx and Northern Rivers Holiday Giving 2014

“No one has ever become poor from giving,” said the late Maya Angelou. This couldn’t be truer around the holiday season.  December 2nd is #GivingTuesday. At LinguaLinx, our home is New York’s Capital Region. We recognize the importance of giving to our local community, and this year, we are kicking off our holiday giving with […]


Swedish Language Translation in Finland

If you headed to Finland and wanted to talk to the locals in a language other than English, you’d need to brush up on your Finnish, right? While that would be a logical assumption, you may be interested to know that Swedish, or “Finland Swedish,” is an official language of Finland as well. Has that […]