Language Translation – ¿Habla español?

Spanish is the third most popular language around the globe. The Spanish-language market is booming. When you call a customer service center or receive instructions on how to put something together, there is almost always an option for Spanish. Most of the growth, of course, is in the United States; however, there is no single […]


LinguaLinx Expands Corporate Headquarters

Schenectady, NY (2/27/06) – LinguaLinx, Inc. announced that it recently moved into new corporate headquarters at its Franklin Street location. “We’ve experienced explosive growth since relocating to the area in late 2003. We expect to reach close to 30 full-time employees in this location later this year at which time we will invariably be expanding […]


LinguaLinx and Russian Agency FastForward Forge Alliance

Albany, NY (12/1/05) – Over the course of meeting with several companies in Albany, our colleagues learned much about the current fundamental trends of business development in these days and how much has yet to be learned in . But the highlight of the trip was Fast Forward’s meeting with the translation agency LinguaLinx.


LinguaLinx Launches New Website

Schenectady, NY (8/22/05) – LinguaLinx, Inc. announced that it has launched a new website that better reflects its position as the leader in international communication services. The new site includes more information on the true scope of its solutions.