LinguaLinx Ranks Among Top 35 Tech Companies

Schenectady, NY (3/26/07) – LinguaLinx Language Solutions, Inc. has been recognized as one of the top Technology Companies in the Capital Region by the Albany Business Review, as published in the March 23, 2007 issue.


Interpreters’ Association Pushes for Certified Medical Interpreters

The Massachusetts Medical Interpreters Association is teaming up with other organizations to call for a national medical interpreter certification program. Reacting to the growing need for accurate medical interpretation in the USA, the Massachusetts Medical Interpreters Association (MMIA) and several other organizations have launched a National Medical Interpreter Certification Task Force. Other state interpreters’ associations, […]


Cafebabel.com: Europe’s Multilingual Online Magazine

What if the future of online journalism were multilingual? Europe’s cafebabel.com is the voice of the ‘Euro-generation’ and it speaks seven languages. Paris-based cafebabel.com has revolutionized the European media by creating a participatory and multilingual online magazine. Designed for younger Europeans who know no borders, the site offers weekly news analysis in French, English, German, […]