LinguaLinx @SHRM Chicago

Kristen Bradley

Chicago played host city to this year’s SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) conference—the largest HR conference in the U.S. with people from companies all across the globe attending. And the LinguaLinx team was there reppin’—Charlotte, our Director of Administration myself attended multiple seminars with the intention of bringing back all the good information we learned, to share with the entire LinguaLinx team.

With topics like: “How to Handle Stress at Work,” “Workplace Flexibility” and “Managing Time” there was no shortage of takeaways to bring back to Troy with us.

We even had a chance to see some famous sites!

Looking forward to attending the 2019 SHRM conference in Las Vegas, June 23-26. We hope to see you there!

SHRM Chicago
One of the main expo halls
SHRM Adam Grant
Engaging seminar with head speaker, Adam Grant.
LInguaLinx at SHRM 2018, Lake Michigan
Hello, Lake Michigan
LInguaLinx at SHRM 2018, La Salle Bridge
Amazing architecture, surrounding the La Salle bridge