Welcome James Li, Project Manager!

At LinguaLinx, words and languages are our business and our passion. Our success depends having a team of great people behind our work! We’d like to show you a little bit of who we are. With that, join us in welcoming James Li to the team as our newest Project Manager! James joined our team in May 2017. He brings years of project management experience with language services providers. We sat down with James during his first few weeks on the job to talk with him about his new role and what he is most looking forward to!

Welcome to our team! Let’s start with: “Why LinguaLinx?”
I really wanted to work for a small company where everyone in the company can make make a difference. Localization is an industry I am passionate about, and I want to build a career in project management. All fits!

Which skills from your previous project management roles will help you out with this new role?
Vendor management, and scheduling are the two skills that have helped me the most from my previous project management position.

What excites you most about coming to work here?
Since the company is growing, I am excited to see what kind of opportunities will come up here

Where did you attend school and what was your major?
I attended Seattle University where I majored in Marketing.

You’ll be based in Washington (state). What brought you to that area?
College, moving away from parents, and escaping the heat in Texas!

What do you like most about living in Washington?
The city environment, bad traffic, it rains all the time, and great food! Whats there not to like? (Laughs)

Do you speak multiple languages? If yes, which ones.
Yes – Mandarin (Chinese), and Cantonese (Chinese).

Would you like to learn others? If yes, which ones and why?
Yes, Italian; because I love cars and meatballs!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I like to cook, play games (any games), and get dragged around by my girlfriend!

Tell us one random fact about you.
I am 12.5% French and 12.5% Vietnamese aside from being Chinese.


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