Six Languages Increasing in Demand I: Indonesian Language Translation

The demand for Indonesian language translation is on the rise. Is this any wonder, considering the important location Indonesia has in Southeast Asia, as well as its substantial population?

Home to approximately 250 million souls, Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world in terms of inhabitants. That means an awful lot of commerce is going on in this mighty archipelago. The nation, with more than 17,000 islands, is an economic and transportation hub, and a cultural and military force to be reckoned with.

Indonesian language translation comes into play in numerous ways. The United States is a serious trading partner with Indonesia. Quite a few Western companies have invested plenty of capital into this country as well, which makes Indonesian to English and, conversely, English to Indonesian language translation a vital part of doing business in this part of the world.

While serious ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic divides do exist in the islands, one thing that binds many of these different groups together is the common Indonesian language. Of course, there are hundreds upon hundreds of other native languages that are used throughout this vast array of islands. Even so, ‘Bahasa Indonesia,’ which is based on a common dialect of Malay, is the main language for trade and government.

The national language is really the glue that unites all of the people of Indonesia together, despite their many differences. Geographic isolation, due to the bodies of water separating various communities, can be overcome to a large degree with a common tongue.



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