Don’t Get Lost in Translation: 4 Digital Marketing Tips

Nicole Piazza, Sales Coordinator

Nicole helps the LinguaLinx sales team ensure clients have the best experience when choosing LinguaLinx translation services. Nicole is a photography aficionado and art museums are some of her favorite places to go. She has a passion for animals and loves spending time with them, especially her Bichon Poodle mix, Cappuccino.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation: 4 Digital Marketing Tips

Every savvy marketer knows digital marketing is essential in today’s always-on world. To successfully execute digital marketing campaigns in other global markets, it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t just cut/paste your campaign content and expect it to be effective. A thoughtful, well-researched approach along with the support of a translation services partner can ensure your campaign is localized for maximum success.

Here are 4 tips to make the most of your campaign efforts:

1. Choose the Marketing Mix Wisely: Different markets require a unique marketing mix. It’s not one size fits all. How your potential customers receive their media and information may be completely different in each location. For example, social might work best in one region while digital ads on popular sites are better in another region. It’s important to extensively research new markets before expanding into them to ensure the most potential for success.

2. Words Matter: When it comes to email marketing, pay attention to the content and subject lines to avoid ending up in Spam folders or worse offending your target prospects with language or product names that represent something negative in their culture. Avoid the use of idioms which are used in U.S. marketing, but typically don’t translate to other global markets and aggressive tone or overly salesy language could backfire in other locations. It’s truly not enough to push your email through Google translation and call it a day. You risk your brand reputation and lose the opportunity to build a valuable channel to market your products and services globally.

3. There is No One and Done: Localizing and translation of your campaign content is an ongoing, interactive process. Digital marketing campaigns are living, breathing things and require you to provide regular updates, posts and responses. Frequency and fresh updated content can help extend and maintain your reach.

4. Consistency Can Make the Difference: Working with the same translation service partner throughout your global campaign can help you build campaign elements that will resonate in any market you target and align your message and tone with your overall brand message to remain consistent no matter the location.

According to research by Common Sense Advisory, 75% of customers prefer to buy products in their native language.  That’s all the more reason to make the investment of time and resources to localize your messages and translate your campaigns using a well-respected translation services partner like LinguaLinx. We can help you create a global digital marketing campaign that doesn’t get lost in translation.

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