Welcome Clint Karren, Process Engineer!

Clint Karren joined our team this month as a Process Engineer. This marks his return to the language services industry where he had spent seven years with two prominent language service providers. We’re happy to have Clint on board and we caught up with him during his first visit to our Troy, NY headquarters to talk about work, life outside of work, the language services industry and what he’s most excited about for his new role.

Welcome to LinguaLinx! We brought you back into the localization world. What are you most excited about?

I spent the last few years working as a customer program manager for Seastone (a Division of CSS Industries) in Utah. I’m happy for the opportunity to rejoin the localization world. This industry is where I began my career and really established my foundation.

What led you to the language services industry?

I had a lot of initial interest in languages. I spent two years living in Japan after college on the island of Hokkaido. I speak Japanese (albeit not as fluently now). I liked the people there and also the food. Living in Utah now, I really miss sushi. (There’s not a lot of fresh seafood there!) I’ve definitely enjoyed a few sushi dinners here in Troy, NY.

How has the industry changed most since you left it?

The most significant changes are definitely with technology advancements! Everything is cloud-based and real-time. There is a lot more interaction with customers, account managers, and project teams. Everything is a lot more customer-based.  

How will your previous experience help with your new role?

I’m learning the LinguaLinx process now so that I can become more familiar with how things are done here and the best ways to use our processes and resources efficiently. I can also offer a fresh perspective coming in as a new person.

You already speak Japanese. What other languages would you like to learn and why?

Spanish is such a fundamental language to learn. I’d also like to learn other Asian languages such as Chinese.

You’ll be based in Utah. What do you like most about living there?

I really like the outdoors. There are a lot of family-based outdoor activities (which is great when you have four kids)! We live in the Utah Valley between Salt Lake City and Provo. We enjoy visiting the southern part of the state where there are a lot of national parks, namely Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.

Tell us one random fact about you.

I’m left handed (which really isn’t that random). However, I’m really ambidextrous. I do a lot of small things with my left hand such as writing and brushing my teeth, but for sports I’m all over the place. I throw with my right hand, but kick a ball with my left foot. I even taught myself to eat with my right hand so I can sit anywhere at the table without bumping elbows with someone!

Where is your favorite place to visit and why?

My wife and I love going to Cancun, Mexico – we try to go every year or two years. It’s the one place where we can relax as a couple on the beach and not be bothered.


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