Welcome Ben Wajda, Business Development Specialist!

At LinguaLinx, words and languages are our business and our passion. Our success depends having a team of great people behind our work! We’d like to show you a little bit of who we are. With that, join us in welcoming the newest member of our Sales Team – Ben Wajda. Ben joined our team in August 2017. We sat down with him during his first weeks to talk about his new role and a few other random questions!

So… tell us how you pronounce your last name (Wajda)! 

My last name sounds like Vida (vitamin).  It is a Polish last name and in Polish, wa sounds like vi (like vitamin) and j’s are silent.

Why LinguaLinx?

LinguaLinx grabbed my attention because it is a unique service. The company is a small company linguistically linking the world one word at a time. I’m very passionate about cultures and value of content. LinguaLinx shares these values. Your corporate values along with quality staff sealed the deal!

What excites you most about coming to work here? 

I’m easily excited, so this is tough! I’m excited about learning about a service and software systems that I have never worked with before.  I think I am most excited about the extent of industries that our services can assist. I look forward to creating new business and helping any client that reaches out for our services.

Before starting at LinguaLinx, what did you know about the language translation industry? 

I knew absolutely nothing about the language translations industry before starting with LinguaLinx.

Where did you attend school and what was your major?

I attended college in Worcester,  MA.  I majored in Geography with an Asian Studies minor at Clark University.

You’ve traveled all over the world. We know it’s difficult to choose just one, but what was your favorite place you visited? 

I tend to say each place I have visited is my favorite.  Each destination has its own beauty and pearls. I would have to say Vietnam, specifically the northern region.  The food, art, culture, history, diverse landscapes and especially the people all captivated me.  I fell in love with Vietnam and was genuinely sad to leave.

What’s the most influential book you’ve ever read? 

The most Influential book I have read is a Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir.  Everything about John Muir inspires me.  John Muir was a Scottish immigrant who made a name for himself by helping preserve millions of acres of U.S. National Forests.  His passion for the wild and the natural beauty of the world is inspiring.  He is one of the many reasons I find peace in the great outdoors and especially that untouched or altered by humans.  “In every walk with nature, one receives more than they seek.”- John Muir I believe in sustainable growth and respect for nature along the way.

If you could learn any language, which would it be?

I would learn Polish because I have always wanted to communicate with my grandfather in Polish.  I have an amazing grandfather and really enjoy our time together.  I always thought it would be fun to joke with him and keep his mind sharp.  I have the Polish for Dummies book.  Maybe this interview will motivate me to pick up some Polish!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

I enjoy anything that has to do with getting into the woods or just being outside. I like hiking, biking and running. Going to see live music is on the top of my list. I really like trying new craft beers. Cooking meals with all the colors; the more colors a meal has, the better it tastes! I also enjoy building with reclaimed wood – bringing life back into a 100 year old piece of barn wood is rewarding.  It is like saying a meal tastes better when you make it. Not always the case for me, even though I wish it was. Building something yourself has a similar feeling. Giving someone a gift I made always feels better than just one I bought at a store.

Tell us one random fact about you.

I’m terrified of heights, even though I have been ski diving and bungee jumping.  I still shake going up an 8 foot ladder! Also – I’d make a burrito out of any meal if I could.


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