What is LinguaLinx?

LinguaLinx Language Solutions, Inc. is a full-service communications agency providing multilingual solutions to today’s leading corporations, law firms, non-profit organizations and government agencies. LinguaLinx offers an exceptional level of practical experience in the language industry.


Language Translation: North Korea in the social networking groove

In addition to running several websites in foreign languages, North Korea also has a presence on Twitter and YouTube. As has been widely reported in the press, it would appear that the Korean Central News Agency has launched a website with articles in English and Spanish. The presence of the site was just picked up […]


Note-taking in Medical Interpreting

Many interpreters take notes to remember key ideas. In medical interpreting, the use of notes must be especially efficient. Translators write, and interpreters speak — right? The formula above is basically true: translators render a written version of material in a foreign language, while interpreters produce an oral “translation.” However, some interpreters do carry a […]


Language Translation – The search for Ebonics “translators”

Is the correct terminology being used here? As reported by ABC, CNN, and hundreds of other news sources, The US Drug Enforcement Agency is seeking candidates to “translate” from African-American English to, well, some other type of English. Presumably, the ideal candidate would be able to translate into standard North American English, because DEA officials […]


LinguaLinx President Re-Elected To ALC Executive Board of Directors

LinguaLinx President Re-Elected to ALC Executive Board of Directors Cohoes, NY (7/28/10) – LinguaLinx president David Smith has been elected to the Board of Directors of a national trade association representing businesses that provide translation, interpretation, localization and language training services. Smith will serve as Treasurer of the Association of Language Companies (ALC), where he […]