The Great Outdoors: How Language Can Take the Apparel and Outdoor Gear Industry to New Peaks of Success

Nicole Piazza, Sales Coordinator

Nicole helps the LinguaLinx sales team ensure clients have the best experience when choosing LinguaLinx translation services. Nicole is a photography aficionado and art museums are some of her favorite places to go. She has a passion for animals and loves spending time with them, especially her Bichon Poodle mix, Cappuccino.

Why Your Business Should Consider Translation Agencies

The world is more global than ever. And when you’re brand marketing to the world you need to sound like it and act like it. Many times brands don’t give how their messages will translate in other cultures enough thought to ensure the tone, voice of the brand stays on target in any market. This is where a linguist service that goes beyond word-for-word translation can play a critical role in a company’s marketing success.

This is especially true in the apparel and outdoor gear industry. It’s not a one size fits all approach to translating content. You need native speakers from the regions you are targeting to assist in the creation of content that is going to resonate in that culture and represent the brand you’ve so carefully built. Language experts who can interpret content and have the skills to adapt it without losing its essence are worth their weight in gold.

When choosing a translation service partner to work with, it’s important to look for services that go beyond straight translation. They need the capabilities (localization (convey meaning in a culturally-aware manner), global marketing strategy expertise, copywriting skills, marketing translation that stays on brand—both voice and tone) to deliver content and a brand narrative that will resonate with your target audiences.

And it’s not just your tagline that needs to appeal to a global audience. It’s all the key elements of your brand: marketing and advertising (print, digital) campaigns, web presence and apps, labels and packaging, merchandise instructions, training materials for your global workforce, etc.). To be successful and stand out on a competitive global playing field, it’s critical to show your brand’s global consciousness (how you do good for the communities in the regions you have a brand presence), acceptance of diversity and understanding and respect for cultural norms.

Taking a holistic view of how to carefully and consciously expand your brand across the world with the help of a translation service partner that can build your presence effectively and in keeping with your goals can positively impact your bottom line and create a customer experience that translates for all the right reasons.

At LinguaLinx, we have the skilled linguists and in-depth localization expertise you need to translate your brand appeal in any language. Please contact us to learn more.

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