Entrepreneurship Rallies Support in Upstate New York

Schenectady, NY (8/15/07) – More than 200 business and government leaders, economic developers, academics and community stakeholders gathered at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs, NY on August 14 for the 2007 Economic Summit on Entrepreneurship and Growth in Upstate New York.

The Summit, organized by the Public Forum Institute and chaired by New York State Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand (D), served as a think-tank forum for generating a plausible roadmap to regional collaborative initiatives that would positively impact the Upstate NY economy.

The forum brought to light many issues regarding the state of, and needs of, the local economy. As Congresswoman Gillibrand remarked during the event, “This [Summit] is just the beginning of the work we hope to do together [as a region].”

“The Summit offered entrepreneurs, such as myself, a platform and voice in the ongoing debate on the future of this Tech Valley region,” stated LinguaLinx President David Smith. “I look forward to continuing the work begun today with Congresswoman Gillibrand in establishing a clear action plan for Upstate New York’s continued economic resurgence.”

Serving alongside economic development experts and fellow entrepreneurs on a panel for the Unleashing the Power of Entrepreneurship workshop, Smith shared with the audience his experiences from lessons learned when launching a now thriving business to opinions on the regional economic trends influencing new business growth. Workshop attendees were rapt in attention during the workshop presentations, resulting in an active dialogue over the ideas proposed, such as the creation of business buying-cooperatives and community-based incubation centers. Of the suggested action plans that the panel generated, the interactive technology survey, eFORUM, identified three very specific initiatives that the audience deemed as crucial to sustaining and enhancing the region’s entrepreneurial prowess:

  • The creation of an entrepreneurial “clearing house” for available regional resources
  • The continued development of a regional partnership organization, and thereby knowledge base
  • Advocacy of an entrepreneurially supportive culture through partnerships between entrepreneurs and regional elementary, middle and high school students

These suggested initiatives, along with those recommendations from other Summit workshops which focused on urban planning, building the future workforce and launching products in the marketplace, will be published online by the Public Forum Institute to facilitate future action plans on the priorities agreed upon at the one-day event.

For information on the outcomes from the 2007 Economic Summit, visit: www.publicforuminstitue.org.


LinguaLinx, Inc. is a full-service international communications company providing an array of services ranging from outsourced documentation, XML migration and content authoring to multilingual solutions such as translation, interpreting and desktop publishing. As an ISO 9001:2008-compliant company working in over 100 languages, LinguaLinx partners with clients to enhance all aspects of their content lifecycle and achieve a greater return on their multicultural marketing efforts. To learn more, visit www.lingualinx.com.

Based in Washington, DC , the Public Forum Institute develops and coordinates public forums across the country. Through a partnership with foundations, media, policy makers, opinion leaders and corporate philanthropy, the Public Forum Institute serves local communities across the nation, contributing to a more informed public.

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