Avoid Embarrassment: Use Quality Translation Services

Failed attempts at quality translation are funny; there’s no argument about that. But if you’re marketing a product overseas, ‘funny’ might not be the first adjective you want customers to associate with your company. Everything that’s amusing to English speakers about mis-translations is just as funny to non-English speakers in reverse. Customers form their opinions […]


A Visitor From Hungary at LinguaLinx!

One of the great things about working with in-country linguists is that they are native speakers of the target language, and they have knowledge of cultural nuances that can help guarantee the most accurate translations possible. On the flip side, this means we don’t get to see each other in person on a regular basis. […]


3 Technical Translation Tips for Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals

Technical translation is an important part of daily life for anyone working in (or helping to run) a pharmaceutical research company or a hospital. The world has been brought closer together with rapid transport systems and blindingly fast communication systems. This means the medical products we buy, use, and sell can be developed, produced, and […]


Global Marketing Spotlight: Canada

Diversity is the language of commerce, and an increasing number of the world’s consumers are now located outside the United States. At LinguaLinx, we know that marketing to a global customer base may prove challenging, but definitely rewarding. Each month, we like to shine a spotlight on a different global market. Since we share a […]


The Growth of Hebrew Translation

While Hebrew isn’t spoken by an awful lot of people worldwide, it’s still an important language. No matter where you stand on the politics of the main region (the Middle East) where Hebrew is spoken, the simple fact is that it’s a language that was brought back from the brink of dying out, and now […]