Farsi vs. Arabic: A Look at How the Two Languages Match Up

A lot of times when people find out I speak Arabic, I get asked the following question: “Is Arabic the same as Farsi?” The answer is no — Arabic is not the same as Farsi — but I usually go into a bit more detail than that because I like people to get a feel for these […]


Role of a Language Translator

When asking yourself what the role of a language translator is, it’s possible you’d come up with an answer as simple as this: A translator’s role is to convert text from the source language into the target language. You’d be surprised to discover that there’s much more to it. In his book Translation as a […]


Some Interesting Facts About the Philippines and Tagalog Translation

The Philippines is a massive island nation situated in the Southeast Asian region in the Pacific. Tons of islands, different ethnicities, and a varying history make up the fabric of this amazing archipelago. Tagalog is the official language of the Philippines and has been growing in importance recently, bringing this nation to the forefront of […]


The Funniest Examples of Translation Gone Wrong

Translation tends to sound easier than it is. People often think that it’s just a matter of replacing each source word with the corresponding translated word, and then you’re done. Unfortunately, translation is much more complicated than that. There can be multiple ways — sometimes dozens — of saying the same thing in another language. […]


Interesting Facts About the French Language

French, a Romance language, is widely regarded to be among the most beautiful languages in the world. A Romance language is a language that uses Latin — historically spoken by the ancient Romans — as its root.  And while French shares the Romance descriptor with heavyweights like Italian and Spanish, it is undoubtedly one of […]