12 Interesting Facts About Languages

Language is a complex and fascinating aspect of our lives that scientists believe to have evolved out of a series of grunts and hand gestures. From those primitive beginnings, languages have been born and have died, with complex systems of understanding built on basic foundations. Here are some of the most interesting language facts from […]


What is an In-Country or In-House Review?

When you have a document translated by a reputable language service provider, it often goes through a multi-step quality assurance process that includes some combination of translation, editing, and proofreading. But when you’re preparing your document to be translated, there’s one more step you may want to consider: an in-country or in-house review. An in-country or in-house […]


English to Dzongkha translation: A Peek Into a Remote Himalayan Nation

You could be forgiven if you’ve never heard about the Dzongkha language. This also means you could easily be forgiven for not knowing anything about English to Dzongkha translation. Dzongkha is the official language of the very remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. ‘Where in the world is Bhutan?’ is a question you might be asking yourself […]


Visit LinguaLinx at the 2017 ABA TECHSHOW!

Technology is integrated with most parts of our lives, no objections! This is evident in the practice of law. The ABA TECHSHOW is a conference and expo that brings lawyers, legal professionals, and providers of technology solutions together. The goal is to show how technology can best be used to serve clients and your practice. […]