Language Translation – Nepali Localized Software Applications

Operating systems usually in English are now available in Nepal. Software localization is not just for computer games anymore! Localization not only involves translating words, but it really enables people of different languages and cultures to understand and identify with a message, product, images, and icons familiar to them. The following excerpt relates an important […]


The “Al” in Arabic Language

The prefix “al” means “the” in the Arabic language. Ever hear names in the news such as Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, Mowaffaq al-Rubaie, al-Badri, Ansar al-Sunna, or al-Zarqawi? Surely, we are all familiar with al-Qaeda; literally translated, al-Qaeda means “the base” or “the foundation”. But what does ‘al’ mean? The prefix “-al” is the equivalent of […]


Dzongkha-English Dictionary Created

Up to now, no official dictionary existed to help translate from Bhutan’s first language, Dzongkha, into English. Linguists estimate there are around 6,800 languages in the world. If my calculations are right, that means that if every language in the world had a dictionary for every other language, there would be over 42 million different […]


Language Translation: Happy Birthday USA!

Independence Day is celebrated by different peoples at different times around the globe. What is Swieto Niepodleglosci? It’s Polish for Independence Day. We celebrate with fireworks and barbeques on the 4th day of July. Independence Day is observed in the United States every year on this date. In France, a similar holiday entitled Bastille Day […]