April Fools’! Where Does Humor Fit Into Your Brand Story?

April Fools' Laugh12 seconds into this year’s Super Bowl, the fastest score in its illustrious history must have seemed like an early – and cruel – April Fools’ Day prank to the Denver Broncos.

The short amount of time from the Super Bowl to April Fools’ Day keeps humor and entertainment at a premium, and it makes sense for content creators to take notice.

The Super Bowl’s much anticipated (and critiqued) television ads remind us that playfulness, humor and entertainment can be powerful components of your brand story. In fact, studies show that humor seems to be an international language; it’s very well received as long as the joke isn’t on you.

Will humor, metaphor, entertainment, or any other storytelling technique help you sell more products or services? Now is the perfect time to find out. @LinguaLinx is doing this on a small scale by showing funny examples of #BadTranslation. Be sure to check it out on Twitter and give us a shout.

If you’re thinking about using humor and entertainment for your content, and you should be, you might want to go back and watch all of this year’s Super Bowl ads for a little inspiration (courtesy of Huffington Post).

What’s next on the horizon from brands with their upcoming April Fools’ Day pranks? For the next few days, only time will tell. In the meantime, we can look back to some of last year’s media mischief ranging from bacon mouthwash and feline headphones to time travel and a television marriage proposal about to get very awkward.

Is there a place for humor in your content plan? Will it gain the attention you want, or does humor merely court people who are looking to be entertained but are not interested in anything else you have to offer?

The answers are specific to every business and target market, but one thing is certain: there’s a very fine line between funny and corny, amusing and offensive, quirky and weird. This factor is even more pronounced when dealing with different languages and cultures.

If humor is part of the storytelling plan for your brand, please take the time and yes – even perform cultural research – necessary to hit the mark and succeed with your content marketing. We want to lessen any effects of the much discussed content shock, not contribute to it!

Speaking of content shock, what is your favorite strategy for overcoming the vast amount of white noise out there? Will humor be a hit in April?


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