Fun Facts about the Turkish Alphabet

Turkish is the official language of the Republic of Turkey (as well as Cyprus and Northern Cyprus). There are over 63 million speakers worldwide! Turkey is a country filled with cultural heritage. In fact, 13 of UNESCO’s Word Heritage Sites are located there! Santa Clause (Saint Nicholas) and the tulip also came from Turkey. Turkey […]


Meeting Global Workforce Training Challenges

Global workforce training is something that companies of all sizes are now tasked with. Today’s global economy means that employees are located across the country and across the world. This has many benefits for any organization, but it also poses challenges for training these employees. Professionals in charge of global workforce training identify the following challenges: […]


eCommerce in India: Language Matters

Did you know that each second, three people in India experience the Internet for the first time? (This is according to The Economist.) Earlier this month, the Financial Times published an article highlighting the growth of ecommerce in India. The name of the article really caught our eye for obvious reasons: India ecommerce growth found in translation. […]


Italian Translation Tips

What are types of challenges do you encounter when translating from Italian to English or English to Italian? We’ve identified a few challenges and a few solutions! Famous Italian inventions include the thermometer, the typewriter, and ice cream. The Italian language is spoken by 85 million worldwide. It has official status in four countries – […]


Looking at Cross Cultural Management & Training

Cross cultural management is very important in today’s global business environment. We recently read an article from Harvard Business Review titled Research: The Biggest Culture Gaps Are Within Countries, Not Between Them. This definitely piqued our interest. Authors Bradley Kirkman, Vas Taras, and Piers Steel examined the assumption that most make in using the terms “culture” and “country” simultaneously. […]