International Translation Day 2015

International Translation Day is celebrated each year on September 30th. The theme for 2015 is: The Changing Face of Translation and Interpreting. (Each year, the theme is chosen by the International Federation of Translators (IFT). Read more about this organization on their website.) At LinguaLinx, we really like this year’s theme. The world is always changing, and therefore, […]


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2015!

Today (September 15th) marks the start of Mes de la Herencia Hispana (Hispanic Heritage Month). The goal of this month is to celebrate cultures, heritage and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans here in the United States. According to the official website, Hispanic or Latino refers to “Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture […]


LinguaLinx at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo

Beware of safety? That doesn’t make sense! It’s always important to ensure that your translations are accurate so that you won’t join the list of common translation fails! The National Safety Council Congress & Expo will be taking place this month, and LinguaLinx will be attending and exhibiting! If you are attending the conference, make […]


How Plain Language Helps With Translation

“The finest language is mostly made up of simple unimposing words.” – George Eliot It’s never okay when your English content needs translation before it’s translated into another language. We read a recent blog post from Acrolinx titled “Plain and Simple: How to Create Great Content Using Plain Language Strategies.” When you use plain language, […]


On Website Localization: A Flag Is Not a Language!

Why You Should Never Use Flags for Language Selection  Often, when browsing multilingual sites, we see flags used for language selection on a website. We do not recommend this! This post will cover one of the many components of website localization. It becomes problematic because flags identify countries, not languages. This is very important when […]